1. Here are some screenshots from my walk cycle project. I had fun making the environment and using different speeds for the background to give the illusion of depth. The only issue I had was with my characters walk cycle, because of the template I used to trace the cycle I feel as though my character could have been more smooth.


  3. Original with Liquify

  4. Model With Liquify effect

  5. The website I am choosing to write about is a music based site that was made for those attending the Intro: Emerging Artists musical concert in Quebec. Seeing as the page revolves around a concert they wanted to make anyone visiting that website really enjoy their experience. This was accomplished using many different web design tools.

    As previously mentioned this website was made for a concert series so not only is it meant to be socially motivated but the site also wants to drive ticket sales for would be concert goers. By adding “parallax” to the website the users feel as though they are directly interacting with the web page just by scrolling down. As they scroll, more information is revealed until they reach the bottom. The moment I visited the website I was immediately drawn to the colour choices (Red and Blue). Using two primary colours is common practice for web design because these are colours that the human eye is used to seeing at an early age. The website also follows the growing trend of “flat-design”, that many other applications and websites are adapting.

    The websites communication style is to inform visitors about upcoming shows as well as to entertain them while browsing the website by the use of “parallax”. By making the website a little bit more intuitive they make the user feel like staying on the page longer thus learning more about upcoming acts.

    Although this website isn’t complex they made very good use of important web design tools to give it that extra push.


  6. Comparison of Original and Finished (Top;Bottom)

  7. Final product DMA 234 texture assignment

  8. Leonard Cohen website template

  9. Dumbo photoshop work, here is a screenshot of some of the layers I made while completing this assignment.

  10. Dumbo line art / Final comparison